Some Think of Value was created because we wanted to provide something of value to our readers. Whether it be inspiration, motivation, a sense of comfort or relatability or just a loud and hearty laugh.

We collect the best quotes and information from the internet (that takes quite a while!) to provide you with the utmost value on the topic.

Also, as you may have observed, our authors take out the time to carefully choose the best quote to place on the image for each heading so even if you don’t have the time to read all the quotes, you can instantly be provided the best quote for each heading!

How Some Think Of Value was created

Some Think of Value was actually a business website where we initially provided ways to learn and grow blogs as well as earn passive income. Later, the author who wishes to remain anonymous went through some tough times during which she craved a lot of inspiration and motivation to keep going. It was during this time she started reading a lot of quotes and well as self-help books to weather the storm.

She would want to read quotes about a specific topic she was struggling with but would be bombarded with irrelevant quotes on the websites, making her rummage through hundreds of quotes to read a few relevant ones.

Hence she got inspired to create this website where people like her can easily and instantly read quotes that are relevant to them (thus this site has such a huge table of content sometimes!).

A few things about the author:

– She LOVES memes and funny stuff. You’ll always find her scrolling through memes and funny videos. Also she has a blast compiling funny quotes on this website!
– She likes to eat desserts and sweets, especially chocolates.
– Her hobbies are learning languages and working out.
– She loves hip hop dances and playing with Rubix cube.
– Her all-time favorite quotes are ‘All’s well that ends well’ and ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’.

We hope to give you the best service possible and are delighted to have you as a part of this community! Hope you enjoy your stay!

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