90 Capricorn Quotes That Perfectly Captures The Capricorn Personality

Best Capricorn Quotes

In this post, we will explore some of the best Capricorn quotes that perfectly capture their awesome and inspiring personality.

Capricorns are the tenth out of the total twelve zodiac signs, originating from the constellation of Capricornus, the goat. They are an amazing bunch in the zodiac family and they value friends and family a lot. Their element is earth and their ruling planet is Saturn. Famous Capricorns include Muhammad Ali, Jim Carrey, Martin Luther King, Kate Middleton, Stephen Hawking and Michelle Obama.

So without further ado, here are some of the best Capricorn quotes that describe the bunch spot on!

Capricorn Quotes For 2024

Capricorn Quotes, The Capricorn people are the most determined of the entire zodiac.

1. “The Capricorn people are the most determined of the entire zodiac.”
2. “It doesn’t matter if a Capricorn is not right because you won’t make him change his mind no matter what you do.”
3. “Capricorns are intelligent and have great capacity for abstraction.”
4. “Capricorns are emotionally guarded.”
5. “Capricorn may look deadly serious, but they are goofy and sweet once you know them well.”
6. “Capricorns are secretly scared people won’t like them unless they’re at the top of their game 24/7.”
7. “I don’t need to be fixed. I need to be left alone.”
8. “Confident but insecure at the same time”

Funny Capricorn Quotes

Funny Capricorn Quote, “Capricorn is the mature, assertive daddy of the zodiac.” — Jake Register

1. “Capricorn is the mature, assertive daddy of the zodiac.” — Jake Register
2. “Everything has a solution, and Capricorn knows where to find one.”
3. “Like everything I do. Serious. Concentrated. Determined.…Hello, Capricorn!” — Nina Dobrev
4. “New year, same me.”
5. “Real talk — I can finish this birthday cake all by myself.”
6. “Time to celebrate me.”
7. “Horoscope: “You need to take a break today.” Capricorn: “Astrology is fake.”
8. “Celebrating my homebody tendencies this Capricorn season.”
9. “In true Capricorn fashion, I’ll guard my heart, but spill my soul.”
10. “Why yes, I did bake my own birthday cake completely from scratch.”
11. “Everybody knows that Capricorns don’t believe in horoscopes!” — Officer Pete Malloy

Capricorn Quotes for Instagram

Capricorn Quote for Instagram

1. “Getting sh*t done this Capricorn season.”
2. “Capricorn is the sign of success.” — Mecca Woods
3. “Capricorns are amazing, as their name suggests: C-Captivating, A-ambitious, P- passionate, R-responsible, I-intelligent, C-calm, O-obedient, R-reliable, and N-nonchalant!” – Unknown
4. “C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N: Competent. Adaptable. Problem-solver. Realistic. Independent. Curious. Organized. Resourceful. Nifty”
5. “Addicted to coffee.”
6. “Capricorn’s heart is like a buried treasure that can only be found with patience.”
7. “Capricorn motto: What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”
8. “Capricorns pretend everything is fine when it isn’t.”
9. “Perfection on the day of my birth is not too much to ask.”
10. “Just like every other day, my birthday is scheduled right down to the minute.”
11. “If you don’t wish me “Happy Birthday,” I will stay up all night to figure out why.”
12. “If you need me, I’ll be reading to my plants.”
13. “Having the most structured birthday ever.”
14. ‘‘Stay hungry. Stay humble. Go get it.” — LL Cool J
15. “I have no trouble saying ‘No’ when I mean ‘No’.” — Jim Carrey

Capricorn Love Quotes

Capricorn Love Quote

1. “Capricorns have a deep sense of responsibility to their loved ones.” — Unknown
2. “Capricorns take themselves very seriously and don’t love feeling vulnerable. Letting people in deeply is not something they do lightly, but once they do, they tend to be very loyal.” —Jessica Lanyadoo
3. “Preferring to become friends first, the Capricorn lover likes to build a solid foundation in all areas of life. Capricorns know that love takes work and that it’s more than a feeling.” – Emmalee Russo
4. “If you love a Capricorn, take care to tell Capricorn how you feel on a regular basis; this sign fears rejection and will open up slowly if not encouraged. If you are expressive, you will find Capricorn surprisingly passionate.” — K.C. Jones

Short Capricorn Quotes

Short Capricorn Quote

1. “If you want stability, loyalty and romance all in one, choose a Capricorn.”
2. “I’m a Capricorn, and they flower late.” — Marianne Faithfull
3. “You have no idea what Capricorns are capable of.”
4. “Making an effort is not a problem for a Capricorn.”
5. “Capricorns only like to walk in safe and familiar places.”
6. “The Capricorn people are the most determined of the entire Zodiac.”
7. “Capricorns like to stay in one place.” – Charles Nelson Reilly
8. “Capricorns have a secret weapon: patience.”
9. “A Capricorn always needs evidence.”
10. “Capricorns are masters of self-discipline.”
11. “Capricorns believe in making their own luck.”
12. “A Capricorn’s loyalty knows no bounds.”
13. “If you want to carry out a complicated task, call a Capricorn.”
14. “Capricorns always have a clear objective.
15. “A Capricorn’s determination can move mountains.” — Astrostyle
16. “Capricorns are not afraid of hard work. They thrive on it.”

Savage Capricorn Quotes

Savage Capricorn Quote

1. “If you are offended by Capricorn’s words, know that they only let out 1%.”
2. “When you are wrong, Capricorn won’t hesitate to tell you that and drown you with sarcasm and logic.”
3. “So you think karma’s cruel? That’s because you’ve never made a Capricorn angry.”
4. “A Capricorn is good by fair means, but by foul means, you’d better leave.”
5. “Think twice before interrupting a Capricorn.”
6. “Your overworking.” Capricorn: “Fix your typo before trying to fix me.”
7. “Good luck trying to make Capricorn like you.You’ll need that.”
8. “Loving love, but not taking any crap.”
9. “If a Capricorn has said goodbye, don’t even bother coming back.”

Capricorn Relationship Quotes

Capricorn Relationship Quote

1. “You’ll have to dig deep to get to the heart of Capricorn. It’s like buried treasure.”
2. “Capricorns are cautious and calculated in their decision-making.” — Linda Goodman
3. “Capricorns may be reserved, but their loyalty is unmatched.”
4. “It doesn’t matter if a Capricorn is not right because you won’t make him change his mind no matter what you do.”
5. “Capricorns enter every relationship with a purpose; in fact, they do everything in this way.” — Mark S. Husson
6. “Capricorn will invest time and money to alleviate man’s suffering by structuring all that he touches.” — Louis Turi
7. “A Capricorn may never truly forgive you, but they will try to be mature and cordial towards you in public.”
8. “Capricorns are fiercely independent and self-reliant.”
9. “Even at their most open, Capricorns will be pretty hard to fathom.” – Joanna Martine Woofolk
10. “If a Capricorn doesn’t talk about his problems with you, he doesn’t trust you.”
11. “Capricorns may have a tough exterior, but they have hearts of gold.”
12. “A relationship with a Capricorn is built around tangible, physical connection. Capricorn needs to spend quality time with their lover.” — Aliza Kelly for Cosmopolitan.com
13. “Capricorns are the epitome of reliability and trustworthiness.”

Capricorn Quotes Female

Capricorn Quote Female

1. “I very seldom compromise. I am a Capricorn.” – Carolina Herrera
2. “I’m a Capricorn and I’m mad loyal — mad loyal! — and I will always look for the good in people.” — Jeannie Mai
3. “Capricorn: A night owl, she is usually serious, alone dreamer of great dreams. What ultimately makes her so fascinating and distinguished is her inborn courage, ambition, persistence, and capacity to make her fantasies real.” — Judith Bennett
4. “A Capricorn woman may appear shy or submissive, but she is like a rubber ball: You can push a dent into it, but the ball always springs back to its original shape.” — Joanna Martine Woolfolk
5. “It’s a good thing Capricorns are able to deal with crushing disappointment.” — Kyle Anderson

Capricorn Quotes Male

Capricorn Quote Male

1. “For a Capricorn, no one will ever be harder on him than himself.”
2. “I’m not that much of a serious person. I’m a Capricorn. I just get on with it.” — FKA Twigs
3. “The Capricorn man is very physical and passionate, but not emotional (on the outside). Deep inside he yearns for love but this takes a long time to become reality, he is very reluctant to place trust in another person. Show him how much you admire him and earn trust gradually over time. He is very faithful, probably the most faithful of all zodiac signs. Underneath his secretive mysterious nature is a romantic streak with a strong sensual side, this side is completely hidden, and once unlocked, you’ll be amazed at the transformation this man has undergone! Patience and trust is key with a Capricorn man, he has so much to offer the right woman who will wait for him.” – Unknown
4. “Goats are fierce, independent, at the beck of no man. Everyone, even the king, respects the goat.” – P.J. Hetherhouse
5. “I’m a man that’s unique to the world. That’s kind of the star I was born under – on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius.” – Jose James

Motivational Capricorn Quotes

Motivational Capricorn Quote

1. “Capricorns are born leaders, always willing to take charge.” — Linda Goodman
2. “Even at their most open, Capricorns will be pretty hard to fathom.” — Joanna Martine Woolfolk
3. “A Capricorn knows that if they fall, they’ll get up again.”
4. “Look up at the stars and not down at your feet.” — Stephen Hawking
5. “Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” — Dolly Parton
6. “Capricorns are masters at turning setbacks into comebacks.” — AstrologyZone
7. “Capricorns are practical visionaries, turning dreams into reality.” — Linda Goodman
8. “With an incredible drive and energy, the Capricorn Sun person wants to pursue a path of growth and purpose.” — Kelsey Branco
9. “Never underestimate the power of a Capricorn for self-preservation.” — Linda Goodman
10. “Capricorns are the masters of self-discipline and self-control.” — Astrostyle
11. “Capricorn is the sign of success. This is why you’ve earned the reputation of being a hardworking, business-savvy money magnet.” — Mecca Woods
12. “Capricorns see work wherever they go and are happy working, for accomplishment is their goal.”
13. “Capricorns are the embodiment of responsibility and reliability.”

Quotes by Famous Capricorns

Quote by Famous Capricorn

1. “I learned the value of hard work by working hard.” — Margaret Mead
2. “It’s an unfortunate truth that nobody can do for you what you can do for you.” — Dove Cameron
3. “If you put your name on something, it better be the best… you only get one shot.” — George Foreman
4. “What people say isn’t going to stop me. I have to do things for myself.” — Kate Moss
5. “Goats are fierce, independent, at the beck of no man. Everyone, even the king, respects the goat.” — P.J. Peterhouse
6. “Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own.” — Michelle Obama
7. “The attitudes towards mental health must change.” — Kate Middleton
8. “The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasures instead of having pain and pleasure use you.” — Tony Robbins
9. “Warren Buffett told me once, and he said always follow your gut. When you have that gut feeling, you have to go with don’t go back on it.” — LeBron James.
10. “Nothing in this world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” — Martin Luther King Jr

Capricorn Quotes Personality

Capricorn Quote Personality

1. “I’m a typical Capricorn. I’m hardworking, loyal, sometimes stubborn, and I don’t believe in astrology.” – Jonah Peretti
2. “Capricorns always have a clear objective.”
3. “Although Capricorns appear to be excessively serious, in reality, they’re actually not.” — Rahul Panchal
4. “A Capricorn’s confidence is usually misunderstood as arrogance.”
“Capricorns are exceptionally abiding friends and will be there for the people who mean the most to them, especially in moments of emotional distress.” — Alex Dimitrov and Dorothea Lasky
5. “A Capricorn would rather struggle in silence than admit a weakness, and ask for help.” — Megan Scott
6. “Born into the Capricorn herd, you learn how to be patient, how to resist short-term gratification in place of long-term gain, how to build for the future and how to invest yourself fully in your long-term plans.” — Sally Kirkman

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