50 Funny Enhypen Quotes That Are Iconic & Hilarious

Funny Enhypen Quote

In this post, we have collected some of the funniest Enhypen quotes that are just dumb and hilarious.

Enhypen members are effortlessly comedic (not to mention super talented!) and Eugenes (group’s fandom) have a blast watching them being iconic.

Let’s read some of the most funny Enhypen quotes popular among Eugenes!

Funny Enhypen Quotes That Are Iconic & Hilarious

Funny Enhypen Quotes

1. “CuRrY.” – Jungwon

2. “Sexy Pilot Lazy Cat.” – Heeseung

3. “I miss you SOUR much” – Jake

4. “Do you want to take a shower together? We are both guys, so It’s fine.”

5. “DDeokBaRoMAnhaE DdEoKbAroManHae!”

Funny Enhypen Quotes

6. “Nobodi askeu.” – Jungwon

7. “There once lived a happy aussie boy named jake.”

8. “Of course I can, I came here to debut. I can do it, okay?”

9. “Eating miso makes me so happy!” – Sunghoon

10. “I’m frying Jay!” – Ni-ki

Funny Enhypen Quotes

11. “Pali pali right now.”

12. “Waah Mint-Chocolate green tea wooh!” – Sunoo

13. “Heeseung has a small butt.” – Sunoo

14. “L e t apostrophe s g o let’s go.”

15. “Strawberry with… chocolate.” – Jungwon

Funny Enhypen Quotes

16. “My children time, ice hockey player, back number 7.” – Sunghoon

17. “My peyborit tiramisu.” – Sunghoon

18. “One last question — ooOOoo, oon laest qishion! — OnE lAsS QiSHiOn.”

19. “How do you say milk tea in english?” – Sunghoon

20. “I want to be funnier than Heeseungie Hyung..”

Funny Enhypen Quotes

21. “I mish you so muchi.” – Ni-ki

22. “And I like Jay more.”

23. “Yeah I’m sick! I’m dope.” – Heeseung

24. “Yo fortnite! FORTWORTH MAKE SOME NOISE Y’ALL.” – Jake

25. “SunDog Gae SunDog Gae SaRaNgHaE.” – Ni-ki

Funny Enhypen Quotes

26. “Shit down pleajeu.” – Sunghoon

27. “I got pushed tteomillyeo wasseo.”

28. “Rat.” – Jungwon

29. “Japanese food is mazui.” – Sunghoon

30. “Shingi bangi bbung bbung bangi.” – Sunoo

Funny Enhypen Quotes

31. “Everything you eat turns into poop.” – Jake

32. “My from is…USA. I’m sorry.” – Sunghoon

33. “JELLY!” – Jungwon

34. “Like the mountain and the sea, if I’m here, you should be too!” – Sunghoon

35. “‘So talented’ hah… I know.”

Funny Enhypen Quotes

36. “Why are you sleeping naked?” – Jay

37. “A-teeaaaaaaa.” – Sunghoon

38. “I liked the poem because it was just like Jay. It had all the sides of you. It was no fun but there was even a second verse”. – Sunghoon

39. “Kkeut.” – Ni-ki

40. “Ddunoo.” – Sunoo

Funny Enhypen Quotes

41. “Sky Pilot Lady Gaga College.” – Sunghoon

42. “Seondoge SARANGHAEE.” – Ni-ki

43. “If hyungi was a maknae you would have a couple of bruises on your face by now.” – Jungwon

44. “Blue pepper.” – Sunghoon

45. “Your hair looks like a peach.” – Heesung

Funny Enhypen Quotes

46. “Why do we desire what we cannot acquire?” – Jake

47. “sUndoG suNdog sArANGHaeeE.”

48. “Everybody sit down pleaseu.”

49. “Pyeonyuk AaAh.” – Sunghoon

50. “Wake up in day one.”

This concludes the most funny Enhypen quotes that are popular among Eugenes!

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