67 Famous Gina Carano Quotes on Twitter, MMA Fighting, & Hollywood

Gina Carano Quote

In this post, we will read Gina Carano quotes who is an American actress, former mixed martial artist, and television personality.

Gina Carano born on April 16, 1982, in Dallas County, Texas, got famous as a professional MMA fighter before transitioning to a career in acting. She began her MMA career in 2006 and competed in organizations such as Strikeforce and EliteXC.

She later retired from fighting and appeared in movies such as “Haywire” (2011), “Fast & Furious 6” (2013), and “Deadpool” (2016).

She appeared in television series “The Mandalorian” but was fired from it in February 2021 after she expressed controversial remarks regarding the holocaust and transgender on social media.

Let’s read some of the famous and inspirational Gina Carano quotes on MMA fighting, Hollywood and more.

Gina Carano Quotes

Gina Carano Quote

1. “I’m really surprised how many people knew me as Gina Carano. MMA has a beautiful fan base.”
2. “I am not a violent person. I actually don’t like to hurt people.”
3. “The guys I date always want to test my strength and wrestle around. By the end, they’re drenched in sweat.”
4. “I was always bigger than the other girls. My sisters are very, very beautiful and very skinny, and I’ve always had a more muscular body. So I grew up with a different mentality.”
5. “It’s something that I’ve always loved to do and it’s been such a genuine expression for me.”
6. “I was destined to express myself.”
7. “I love it. It’s something I can do that makes everything else disappear.”
8. “I’m attracted to any type of endeavor that gives me the chance to express what’s going on inside me.”
9. “My knowledge of video games ends with Nintendo ‘Mario Bros.’”
10. “I think there’s a part in each one of us that wants the impossible to happen, and that’s what surprises are.”
11. “I am always training because I love it.”
12. “The ultimate first date? Something that is completely out of the ordinary – go crazy, because first dates are always a little awkward, so do something a little extreme.”

Famous Gina Carano Quotes

Famous Gina Carano Quote

1. “I want people to see me for who I am and not for how someone else is trying to promote me.”
2. “It’s a very big deal to me to remain the same person because I know all of this is going to be gone one day and I’m just going to have myself.”
3. “I wake up every morning and I surprise myself. I wake up to a new me.”
4. “Everybody is their own critic.”
5. “Sometimes, you get portrayed the way you don’t want to be portrayed.”
6. “It’s a very big deal to me to remain the same person because I know all of this is going to be gone one day and I’m just going to have myself.”
7. “I have gotten some of the most beautiful experiences that a person can possibly ask for so I’m not at all complaining.”
8. “When I throw a punch, I mean it.”
9. “My mom used to tell me: ‘It’s not what you weigh; it’s what you look like.’”
10. “When I enjoy doing something, I don’t mind if it hurts.”
11. “I don’t get paid what people think I get paid for fighting.”
12. “I think I came up in fighting in a really technical way. If you’ve ever seen my fights, you know I love distance, I love technique.”

Gina Carano Twitter Quotes

Gina Carano Twitter Quote on transgender

1. “I’m not against trans lives at all. They need to find less abusive representation”.
2. “Democratic Government leaders now recommend we all wear blindfolds along with masks so we can’t see what’s really going on”.
3. “What people see about you will speak more loudly than how people feel about you, because in the end, when we stand up for what is right and true, we will have many who hate us or love us but all will know what we are fighting for.”
4. “Do you always call a woman crazy just because she has more first hand experience than you & says something you don’t like or understand? Bit misogynistic don’t ya think. Tsk tsk.”
5. “Artists do not sign away our rights as American citizens when we enter into employment. I have spoken to all my co-stars since I was fired & there is nothing but care and kind words between us. I respect their right to free speech & do not have to think the same on every issue to be their friends & work with them & I know they feel the same towards me.”
6. “We need to clean up the election process so we are not left feeling the way we do today. Put laws in place that protect us against voter fraud. Investigate every state. Film the counting. Flush out the fake votes. Require ID. Make Voter Fraud end in 2020. Fix the system.”

Gina Carano Twitter Quotes on Transgenders & Holocaust

Gina Carano Twitter Quote on Holocaust

1. “Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors…. even by children. Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews”.
2. “I want people to know you can take hate with a smile. So BOOP you for misunderstanding”.
3. “In my experience, screaming at someone that they are a racist when they are indeed NOT a racist & any post and/or research you do will show you those exact facts, then I’m sorry, these people are not ‘educators.’”
4. “Look with your own eyes at what I posted and ask yourself, for example, where did I compare Republicans to the Jewish people in the holocaust? I didn’t. Ask yourself why they were calling me a racist, was there any merit behind that or history of it whatsoever? No. Look at why I was called a transphobe–for making droid noises from Star Wars? “Beep, bop, boop” was obviously directed to the online bullies and did not in any way denigrate transgender people. ”

Inspirational Gina Carano Quotes

Inspirational Gina Carano Quote

1. “There’s nothing that can teach you more than experience.”
2. “You want to get better even after people smash you down. You want to be better than you were before.”
3. “You shouldn’t be greedy. You should feel good about yourself and not be greedy of what other people have.”
4. “It’s a constant battle for everybody, but you need to be happy with yourself.”
5. “When you do things for the right reasons, eventually no matter how long it takes, people will take notice of it and can’t help but respect it.”
6. “Once you get that addiction of realizing what you can do, you want to take that to the next level.”
7. “I am always training because I love it.”
8. “I’m afraid of pretty much everything, but there’s something inside me that is addicted to scaring myself.”
9. “When you dream big, you eventually attract big things.”
10. “Fight night is all about believing in yourself, believing in what you can do, and doing it.”
11. “People want to put you in the box, and you just have to fight past their preconceived notions.”

Gina Carano Quotes on MMA Fighting

Gina Carano Quote on MMA Fighting

1. “Fighting is very physical and extreme and you’re very vulnerable. It’s a very mental type of thing.”
2. “My first fight. I fought a girl that was a little bit heavier, a little bit more experienced and I was petrified because I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. And I did really well against her and nobody believed it was my first fight.”
3. “Since I’ve started fighting it has taught me a lot about self respect, self confidence and self control.”
4. “My last fight wasn’t the way I wanted it to go so there is a hole there; don’t count me out.”
5. “There are certain things that I always dreamed of, like fighting in the UFC. There’s just certain things that I feel like haven’t been accomplished there. There’s such great women coming up in the sport; seems like a wonderful time to be in women’s MMA.”
6. “Fighting is my career, it’s what I love to do, but I am taking offers and trying to expand because the more I expand myself, the more valuable I become to promoters.”
7. “I know I’m always rooting for the underdog in a fight, and I love to be constantly surprised.”
8. “I don’t mind answering any questions, because I’m not just a fighter. I’m a lot more than that.”
9. “Fighting’s given me confidence but it’s also broken me down and kept me humble.”
10. “When you fight someone, you share the experience with that one person, and you’re never going to have that experience with someone else-even in another fight.”
11. “I find that whoever you are as a person is how you’re gonna fight, and every basic instinct kind of comes out at that moment.”
12. “Of course, fighting is not going to be as graceful as movie fighting. I don’t like it to be ugly and I don’t like it to be one big brawl or people clobbering each other.”
13. “I’ve had cameras on me since I started the art of fighting and I think that I’m used to having cameras on me in adrenaline-type situations.”
14. “A lot of people enjoyed the film ‘Haywire’ and a lot of people have mixed feelings on it but regardless, a lot of people have said really wonderful things about it being my first experience, that the fighting they absolutely enjoyed. So I think I’ve gotten a lot more fans, actually.”

Gina Carano Quotes on Hollywood & Acting

Gina Carano Quote on Hollywood & Acting

1. “I definitely don’t want to be one of those athletes who turns into a cheesy actress.”
2. “I like to break down barriers and I think that Hollywood is doing the same thing over and over. I want to do something new and say, “Let’s evolve as artists!”
3. “Hollywood says they support female representation & equal rights. Why then were my male co-stars permitted to speak without harassment & re-education courses or termination, but I was not afforded the same right to exercise my freedom of speech.”
4. “There’s so much I want to do. I love emotions, I love drama, I love comedy and I also want to take action up to another level, I love comics.”
5. “I know I don’t look like the skinny slender model. I know I look a little different but people like to watch me for some reason. It feels good and I’m humbled by it.”
6. “If a good visionary wants to jump on board with that and I see their vision correctly and I like it and I like the script, I would absolutely do it but I have to read the script first.”
7. “In acting, you get to explore such an artistic side with different characters to research and learn and explore different things inside yourself and I do that anyway, so I might as well be doing something that I already do, as in a second nature to me, on film.”
8. “Well you know, I have the utmost respect for people like Angelina Jolie and Zoe Saldana in ‘Colombiana.”

This sums up the most famous Gina Carano quotes. She later sued Disney for firing her from the movie based on her remarks shared on social media.

Outside of her acting career, she has been involved in various projects, including fitness-related endeavors and philanthropy. She played a crucial role in popularizing women’s MMA and helped pave the way for the growth and acceptance of female fighters in the sport.

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