Why My First Blog Failed | 14 Mistakes I Did

Beginners are not shy from making mistakes. I mean, how can you be a beginner and make no mistakes? But sometimes some mistakes can be so big that can cost you your whole ash blog. Post may contain affiliate links. Read discloser for more info. And what if you make a combination of major mistakes […]


Choosing Blogging As A Full-Time Job | What You Need To Know

Okay so learning about blogs and blogging finally got you interested to know if you can pursue blogging as a full-time job and if you can really make money out of it. Blogging has existed since the internet era began. But what people didn’t know including me until way later is that it is a


How To Write A Reader-Friendly Blog Post

Here is a complete breakdown of writing high-quality blog posts for your blog or for your clients. After this post, learn how to optimize your blog post for On-page SEO! Let’s go! Quick Overview What is a blog post? How to write a blog post your readers would like to read Define your purpose Research


7 Most Common Challenges You’ll Face As A First Time Blogger

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you guys the top 7 challenges you’ll face as a beginner blogger. Before starting this journey, I had read thousands of articles about how simple and easy it is to start a blog and make money online. I know I could have bought a course about blogging and

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