50+ Best John Wick Quotes From The Franchise

In this post, we will delve into the world of John Wick quotes from the franchise, and explore quotes that are iconic, insightful, humorous and inspirational. John Wick, a fictional character portrayed by Keanu Reeves, has captivated audiences with his relentless determination, unmatched skills, and unwavering focus. 

Let’s read some of the best John Wick quotes about guns, life, relationships and…murder…

Best ‘John Wick’ Quotes

Best ‘John Wick’ Quotes
Best John Wick Quotes
  • “I can assure you that the stories you hear about John Wick, if nothing else, have been watered down.” – Abram
  • “I once saw him kill three men in a bar, with a pencil.” – Viggo Tarasov 
  • “He stole John Wick’s car, sir. And, uhhh, killed his dog.” – Aurelio 
  • “Si vis pacem, para bellum (If you want peace, prepare for war).” – Winston 
  • “Consider your origins, you were not made to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge.” – Sofia 
  • “So, you seek to live for the memory of love?” – The Elder 
  • “Fuck management.” – Mr. Perkins 
  • “I’ve lived my life my way, and I’ll die my way.” – Gianna D’Antonio 
  • “A Good Death Only Comes After A Good Life.” – Shimazu 
  • “Consider your origins, you were not made to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge.” – Ernest 

Iconic ‘John Wick’ Quotes 

Iconic ‘John Wick’ Quotes 
Iconic John Wick Quotes 
  • “Well, John wasn’t exactly ‘The Boogeyman’. He was the one you sent to kill the f***** Boogeyman.” – Viggo Tarasov 
  • “Do I look civilized to you?” – John Wick 
  • “The man. The myth. The legend. John Wick. You’re not very good at retiring.” – Bowery King 
  • “You don’t want me owing you.”  – John Wick 
  • “I should shoot you in the head right now.” – Sofia 
  • “Everything’s got a price, b****.” – Iosef Tarasov 
  • “Rules. Without them, we live with the animals.” – Winston 
  • “You look as bad as I feel.” – Bowery King 

John Wick Quotes in ‘John Wick’

John Wick Quotes in ‘John Wick’
John Wick Quotes
  • “When Helen died, I lost everything. Until that dog arrived on my doorstep. A final gift from my wife. In that moment I received some semblance of hope. An opportunity to grieve unalone. And your son took that from me… stole that from me… killed that from me! People keep asking if I’m back. And I haven’t really had an answer. But now, yeah, I’m thinkin’ I’m back! So you can either hand over your son, or you can die screaming alongside him!”  – John Wick 
  • “It wasn’t just a puppy.”  – John Wick 
  • “Everything’s got a price.”  – John Wick 
  • “You stole my car, and you killed my dog!”  – John Wick
  • “You want a war or do you wanna just give me a gun?”  – John Wick 
  • “Guns. Lots of guns.”  – John Wick 
  • “You wanted me back. I’m back!”  – John Wick 
  • “Whoever comes, whoever it is. I’ll kill them! I’ll kill them all!” – John Wick 
  • “I have served. I will be of service.” – John Wick 
  • “I’m thinking I’m back.” – John Wick 
  • “I’m not that guy anymore.” – John Wick 
  • “It’s okay. Let’s go home.” – John Wick 
  • “I want to live to remember Helen. To remember us.” – John Wick 
  • “Not If You Can’t Spend It.”  – John Wick
  • “Maybe I’m Wrong.”  – John Wick
  • “The knife is in your aorta. You pull it out, you will bleed and you will die. Consider this a professional courtesy.” – John Wick 

Director Quotes in ‘John Wick’ 

Director Quotes in ‘John Wick’
Director Quotes (John Wick Quotes)
  • “Life is suffering.” – The Dictator
  • “All of this for what? Because of a puppy?” – The Director 
  • “The path to paradise begins in hell.” – The Director 
  • “Your ticket is torn. You may never return home.” – The Director 
  • “You know, when my pupils first come here, they wish for one thing—a life free of suffering.” – The Director 

Viggo Tarasov Quotes in ‘John Wick’  

Viggo Tarasov Quotes in ‘John Wick’ 
Viggo Tarasov Quotes (John Wick Quotes)
  • “John is a man of focus, commitment, sheer will, something you know very little about.”  – Viggo Tarasov 
  • “People don’t change. Times do.”– Viggo Tarasov
  • “Let us not resort to our baser instincts and handle this like civilized men to move on.” – Viggo Tarasov 
  • “This life follows you. It clings to you. Infecting everyone that comes close to you. We are cursed, you and I.” – Viggo Tarasov 
  • “That f***** nobody is John Wick. He was once an associate of ours. They call him… Baba Yaga.”– Viggo Tarasov 
  • “I’ll say this John. They sure as f*** broke the mold with you.” – Viggo Tarasov 
  • “John will come for you and you will do nothing, because you can’t do nothing.”– Viggo Tarasov 

Winston Quotes in ‘John Wick’  

Winston Quotes in ‘John Wick’  
Winston Quotes (John Wick Quotes)
  • “A 14-million dollar bounty on his head, and every interested party in the city wants a piece of it. I’d say the odds are about even.” – Winston 
  • “You stabbed the devil in the back and forced him back into the life that he just left.” – Winston 
  • “The contract has gone international. You have no idea what’s coming.”  – Winston
  • “Your membership to the Continental has been, by thine own hand, revoked.” – Winston
  • “This kingdom is mine, and mine alone.”  – Winston 
  • “Do what you do best. Hunt.”  – Winston

Bowery King Quotes in ‘John Wick’ 

Bowery King Quotes in ‘John Wick’ 
Bowery King Quotes (John Wick Quotes)
  • “They are about to learn that if you cut a king, you better cut him to the quick.” – Bowery King 
  • “He’s offered seven million dollars for your life. Seven million dollars is a lot of money, Mr. Wick.”  – Bowery King 
  • “Well, since you see it that way, I guess it’s time I told you to climb down off your High Table and go f*** yourself.”  – Bowery King 
  • “Okay. You made your point. You have earned my fealty. Matter of fact, I’m gonna shove so much fealty up your a** it’s gonna come spilling out of your mouth.”  – Bowery King 
  • “You think you can take John Wick? You got a nasty surprise coming.”  – Bowery King
  • “Well, sometimes you gotta cut a motherf*****.” – Bowery King
  • “Somebody, please! Get this man a gun!”  – Bowery King

Santino D’Antonio Quotes in ‘John Wick’  

Santino D’Antonio Quotes in ‘John Wick’  
Santino D’Antonio Quotes (John Wick Quotes)
  • “A man can stay here a long time and never eat the same meal twice.” – Santino D’Antonio 
  • “Listen to me. What is this? Hmm? Do you remember? This is your blood. You came to me. I helped you. If you don’t do this, you know the consequences.” – Santino D’Antonio 
  • “If John Wick isn’t dead, he soon will be.” – Santino D’Antonio 
  • “No wife, no dog, no home. You have nothing, John. Vengeance is all you have left.” – Santino D’Antonio 

Sofia Quotes in ‘John Wick’  

Sofia Quotes in ‘John Wick’  
Sofia Quotes (John Wick Quotes)
  • “You’re going to die, John. Whether out here on this desert, or somewhere else down the road. But, you are going to die.” – Sofia 
  • “Sometimes you have to kill what you love.” – Sofia 
  • “Nothing’s ever just a conversation with you, John.” – Sofia 

Other Quotes In ‘John Wick’

Other Quotes In ‘John Wick’
Other Quotes (John Wick Quotes)
  •  I’ve lived my life my way, and I’ll die my way. – Gianna D’ Antonio
  •  “Why do you want to live?” – The Elder 
  • “John, I’m sorry I can’t be there for you. But you still need something, someone to love, so start with this. Because the car doesn’t count. I love you, John. This illness has loomed over us for a long time and now that I have found my peace, find yours. Until that day, your best friend, Helen.” – Helen
  • “Duly noted. You gave John Wick seven bullets, your penance will be paid with seven cuts.” – The Adjudicator 
  • “You gentlemen, of course, realize that was the first wave. Merely an amuse-bouche. We can keep this up as long as you’d like, but it only ends one way.” – The Adjudicator 
  • “I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time. And so far, you haven’t disappointed.” – Zero 
  • “I gotta say, I’m a pretty big fan.” – Zero 
  • “You look good. And here I’d feared you’d left all this behind.” – Charlie 
  • “There’s no rhyme or reason to this life. It’s days like today scattered among the rest.” – Marcus 
  • “No. Not at all. You killed my ward. Someone I was close to. An eye for an eye, John. You know how it goes.” – Cassian 
  • “What would your Helen think about you?” – Gianna D’Antonio 
  • “The cost of your life will be the death of others. The first of which will be the man they call Winston.” – The Elder 
  • “I do hope Mr. Wick finds his way to safety.” – Charon 
  • “Are you scared of the f* boogeyman? I’m not.” – Iosef Tarasov 

John Wick quotes remind us of our own inner strength and the importance of staying true to ourselves, even when things are difficult. Even though we don’t live in a world of assassins like John Wick does, we can still learn from his determination and use it in our own lives.

As you go through your own journey, let these John Wick quotes inspire you to find your inner warrior, embrace your strengths, be open to change, and face challenges with determination. Just like John Wick, you have the ability to overcome obstacles and create your own path.

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